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Sampling and Sourcing

Tanneries, materials and hardware


Prior to the manufacturing process, we provide services in sourcing and the development of materials and hardware. We have established and maintained close, long-standing relationships with the leading suppliers in the industry and when required we can source and supply all organic and synthetic materials, as well as any hardware or fittings needed. Our ability to source, develop and realise ideas quickly helps our clients to become leaders in the accessories industry.

CAD and sampling department

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art CAD communication, our spacious sampling department consists of 45 experienced technicians and craftsmen working side by side. With the flexibility that is Tivoli’s trademark, these craftsmen produce large and small leather goods, luggage and belts in materials ranging from crocodile to synthetics. The Sampling Department creates 3,500 samples annually.






























  • 11000 square meters of floor space
  • 3500 samples produced annually
  • 10 days for samples
  • 90 days for production

Production and Distribution

Our extensive experience in manufacturing luxury leather goods has reinforced our founding principle that quality assurance is one of the most important factors for success in our business. From the initial choice of hides and tanneries to material and hardware inspection and final packing and shipping, we implement quality control at every stage of production. This ensures that the final product meets the expectations both of the client and Tivoli. As we are fully aware of the fundamental importance of prompt, consistent and reliable production as well as punctual delivery to our clients, we ensure that these needs are met. Our efficient and flexible production schedule can accommodate the most demanding potential production problems and address them before they can inconvenience clients.
Product cycle
Concept and Research
Prototype, Approval and Sampling
Order placement
CAD pattern making
Ordering of raw materials and hardware
Quality control of raw materials
Receipt of materials into stockroom
Cutting, Assembling and Stitching
Packing and Shipping



























Tivoli has been providing an unrivalled service for some of the world’s leading luxury brands
for over 25 years, working closely with them to deliver the exacting standards
of quality for which they are so renowned. Tivoli counts Smythson of Bond Street
among these, and has in recent years helped the brand to bring
125 years of exclusive British luxury heritage seamlessly into the present day.






























Sustainability is based on the simple principle that everything that we need for our well being depends directly and indirectly on our natural environment. To embrace the concept of sustainability is to actively participate in maintaining the conditions necessary to achieve a state of ‘productive harmony’ between the needs of humans and the natural environment.  Sustainability is paramount in assuring that we all have and will continue to have the materials and resources necessary to sustain economic progress and environmental stability. There can be no doubt that environmental sustainability is regarded as an important responsibility both to Tivoli as a company and its employees. Tivoli is, therefore, committed to playing its part in this key global venture, recognising that in doing so it is not only positively improving the quality of life for future generations but is also driving a culture of improved efficiency and care for the environment in which we all live. Tivoli strives to ensure that its environmental impact is managed and reduced and that waste is disposed of through certified, approved channels. Working in close conjunction with its clients, Tivoli also ensures that its activities are carried out in accordance with national laws, regulations, administrative practices and corporate responsibility goals.

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